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July 11, 2017
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Organizing Tips for Newlyweds

How Newlyweds Can Organize Their New Home

The sun is shining, the weather is warm and wedding bells are ringing. Summer tends to be the beginning of wedding season for couples looking to get married outdoors in the fresh air. New marriages also means new houses and therefore finding a place to put all of your stuff in your new home together. Moving in with your new Mr or Mrs can be difficult, especially if you both have a lot of junk causing lots of clutter piling up in your new home. In order to blend all of your belongings in your new home, there’s a chance a good junk clean out will have to be done.

Here are some tips for junk clean outs and organization for your new home:

Rent a Small Dumpster

It’s possible that you’ll have 20-30 years worth of junk piled up that you think you’re bringing to your new home. Think again and go rent a small dumpster. Most junk removal companies offer various sized dumpsters and since this isn’t a huge job, a small dumpster will do the trick. By renting a dumpster you are giving yourself the opportunity to purge and minimize the amount of junk you have. There is probably junk accumulating in your old home that you completely forgot you owned or haven’t used or looked at in years. These are the things you need to get rid of! Having less junk will also make the moving and organization processes much easier and more time efficient.

Go Through Every Item and Use Different Piles

When going through all of your junk and clutter, make sure that you are looking at each item. Make piles for things that you are going to keep, things you want to donate and things you can throw out and get rid of. Really think about each item and only keep the things you really love and can’t live without. Piles of papers and notebooks that you’re holding onto from college? Throw them out! Clothes that still have the tags on them and will never be worn? Donate them!

Donate What You Can

As mentioned above, donating anything that you can is extremely important. There are so many people out there that would be so grateful for the things that you don’t use anymore and no longer have need for. Not only are you helping those in need but by donating some of your things you are eliminating some clutter which will make the blending of your belongings easier and less overwhelming in your new home.

Hire a Junk Removal Company

Once you have gone through all of your stuff, hopefully you’ll have a small dumpster filled with junk. By hiring a junk removal company, you don’t need to worry about disposing of the junk or returning the dumpster yourself. Everything will be taken care of for you so you just need to worry about moving into your new home. A junk removal company will also take the boxes filled with items to donate to local places for donation. These professionals are experienced and knowledgeable so they will be able to safely, quickly, and properly remove all of your junk and hiring a junk removal service will also ensure that everything is disposed of properly and will be recycled or donated if it can be.

Make Room for Both of Your Things

Once all of the junk and clutter is gone, you’re finally ready for the move and you can both start moving all of your things into your new home together. Although you have purged and gotten rid of a lot of junk, finding enough room for all of your stuff will be the trickiest part. Marriage is about compromising and a lot of that will have to be done during the blending of your belongings, but we’ll leave that up to you. If you find that your spouse is making you get rid of some things to make more room, consider calling a junk removal service so that you can do so easily and hassle free!

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