All of Your Junk is Not Really Junk: Recycle and Donate

How Dumpsters Make Your Junk Removal Process Easier
July 31, 2017
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All of Your Junk is Not Really Junk: Recycle and Donate

Recycling and Donating Junk

When you hire a junk removal service to help you get rid of some stuff, it’s important to keep in mind that not everything you’re getting rid of is actually garbage. Yes, you may no longer have a use for it but that doesn’t mean that someone else can’t find a use for it. Why pile more of your stuff in a landfill when it can be used by someone else or repurposed to have a new life?

The next time you look in your closets, basement, garage or home and just see piles of junk, reconsider the possibilities of it all. As you’re sorting through everything during your clean out, make 4 piles:

Clothes and Furniture

Lightly worn clothes and intact furniture is 100% eligible for donation. These are items that while you may not need or use anymore, but someone less fortunate will be extremely grateful to have. Simply throwing these items out and writing them off as junk or garbage would be a waste when you could be helping people in need instead. Old blankets and winter coats that you are looking to get rid of are especially important to donate to those in need.

Banged Up Furniture

If you have some furniture that is too banged up to be fixed and donated to be used by someone else, it can still be taken apart and pieces can be used for other things. Especially any old wood furniture, pieces of the wood can be used separately and repurposed for a new piece of furniture, etc. Although you may see the piece as junk, it can be used for something that someone else may appreciate greatly.


Most appliances and electronics cannot be dumped in landfills since they tend to take a much longer amount of time to break down and can potentially leak harmful chemicals into the ground and our drinking water. All of these things can be safely recycled to ensure environmental safety.

Electronics such as cellphones and computers could also be donated if they still work and have some life but you are just looking to get rid of them in order to upgrade. These items can be used by people in need who don’t have easy access to electronics and could use them for emergencies.

Other (Papers, Plastic, Etc.)

Your last pile will be your “other” pile for all of the other things that don’t necessarily fit into any of the above categories. This will usually be a pile of papers, plastics, etc. Again, these things should not be simply thrown away but recycled. There are so many goods manufactured from recycled papers and plastics in order to help reduce our environmental impact. By recycling, you can give new life to your “junk” or “garbage”.

When you hire a junk removal service, they will help you with all of this as well. There will be times when even if you can’t see the recycle or donation potential of an item, they might. A junk removal service will also ensure that everything from your piles is properly recycled and donated to local charities that could benefit from it most. Bring new life to your junk the next time you are cleaning out by recycling and donating.

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